Give It A Whirl

Good taste, I am convinced, can be acquired through environment and education; the eye can be disciplined to differentiate between good and bad by a constant looking process.

-Stanley Marcus

At 10:20 this morning, My coworkers were checking on how much champagne we had chilled for ‘Champagne Thursday.’ Don’t worry, there’re two bottles for the five of us females. (The guys are having whiskey)

My girl, @apolloandme, getting niiiiice and sweaty with me! #joblove #lululemon #getyoursweaton
Epic sweatsesh with these cool cats tonight! Super stoked to get a class in with you @camcurrie_ !!! Looking forward to many more!
Sunday morning bed head.
Cheers to Champagne Thursdays at the new office!

Mom wouldn’t let me watch The Birdcage when it came out on VHS, but otherwise Robin Williams was a constant presence in our house—on the screen, through the speakers, and in the way my sisters and I developed our own senses of humor, mimicking him mimicking others. So when I heard last night that he died (announced, fittingly, in a group text between Jane, Emily, and myself), it felt as though that screen had been turned off and the speakers gone silent. But he was a husband and father first, before he was our entertainer, and it is his sweet children and widow who must really feel the void. I hope he is at peace now and his family finds it soon.

I hand in my resignation, release so much tension within myself. I start looking forward to new beginnings in my career; the amazing things happening in my life. Then, I go to open my car door and it’s already open. There are papers everywhere. My laptop has been stolen. The way things work in this world are very strange.

I’m convinced my boss knows I’m handing in my notice that I’m leaving.  I’ve been trying to sit down and give it to her since last week when I found out about the new job.  Since then, she’s been completely unavailable to me.  She comes in early every morning, so I’ve done the same so I could catch a minute with her.  Friday she was busy, today she hasn’t even come in…  I wanted to give her fair warning that I was leaving, but that window is shrinking fast.