Give It A Whirl

Good taste, I am convinced, can be acquired through environment and education; the eye can be disciplined to differentiate between good and bad by a constant looking process.

-Stanley Marcus

Let’s hear it for @hjohnhofmann on the banjo.

always these two. shoot
First meal with @hjohnhofmann at The Hominy. #thebignasty #charleston #hominy
A trip IS what I need. Off to Charleston. See you soon @hjohnhofmann #vacationer #trip #flytime

I’ll be in Charleston by this time next Thursday.  For the last week, I’ve known exactly what I’d be packing, etc.  Then it just hit me… How soon I leave and how excited I am and now I don’t know what to pack.  diNCPOINDPCUNADoiajoidn 

Can’t wait to see you Harry!

#tbt to these amazing ladies and our fun in Atlanta! Who’s ready to do it again?

Lebanese spiced french fries
My Harry, dear Harry… 
Best combination of posts.