Give It A Whirl

Good taste, I am convinced, can be acquired through environment and education; the eye can be disciplined to differentiate between good and bad by a constant looking process.

-Stanley Marcus

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I work with the most amazing team!!! I absolutely love this place. @lululemon thanks girls! @juleswlud @tmoe22 @missefkennedy @joelamberson

Piazza in December24 Gadsden Street
My brother sends my favorite birthday texts. Last year he asked if it was my birthday, when I told him yes, he said good for you. #favoriteperson #brotherbear #25

Amalfi Coast

J sent me this link, I’m half tempted to drive past it on my way home this weekend.  Absolutely horrifying. 


Peter O’Toole by

Tell the truth… #goodpoint #marktwain
Time to make some Michigan cookies for @juleswlud! I’ve been waiting to use this cookie cutter on someone who will appreciate it like me!! TAKE THAT @tmoe22!!!

Fabby striped bedroom by Nick Olsen. Deal with it.