Give It A Whirl

Good taste, I am convinced, can be acquired through environment and education; the eye can be disciplined to differentiate between good and bad by a constant looking process.

-Stanley Marcus


Primadonna Girl
Last night’s sunset at soccer. Two #mushroomclouds. Apparently Hobe Sound now has nuclear testing? #sunset #soccer

Corner detail of the Church of San Barnaba, Venice 
Corners are always an important detail in architecture, and establishing a hierarchy for their construction is crucial. The engaged column to the far left indicates the main facade of the church. Following the return to the next pilaster establishes a layer behind the engaged columns, and deepens the facade. The next engaged column turns the corner into the final pilaster which leads you to the longitudinal side of the building. How do you architecture? 

#Filson  SS14 soywax
The boys getting at some Bourbon St. BBQ this weekend. #bbq #nomz #longhairdontcare
@bthab’s puppy Ruca is absolutely perfect. I’m in #puppy heaven. #me #balcklab #puppylove #ruca
Looking into the light! #jupiter #jupiterlighthouse #me #561 #juplife
Sunset/night tour of the Jupiter lighthouse with @dylonhixonyahoocom