Give It A Whirl

Good taste, I am convinced, can be acquired through environment and education; the eye can be disciplined to differentiate between good and bad by a constant looking process.

-Stanley Marcus


Graphic and lovely with perfect pops of metallics, green, and orchid (which is apparently the Pantone 2014 Color of the Year).

It’d be really nice if I didn’t have a habit of getting flat tires.  3 in four years.  I had gotten four new tires before moving to Florida too, so now I have one tire that is brand new, one that is a year old, and the back two are the same age after having them all replaced when I got the other flat tire (caused by a bird beak, yeah, that happened.)  Awesome thing to deal with during a 74 hour work week. Oh well, two rounds of hot yoga tomorrow before work, one with my lemons and then helping at the Lululemon water station on Sunday for a half marathon, that should replenish my soul.


Winter in Venice, Italy c. 1920

Sometimes I wonder why I volunteer to work so many hours… I’m working 9-4 at my architecture job followed by a 4-11 shift at Lululemon on my 25th birthday which will then be followed by a drive. To Indiana. Yes, you read that right.  I’m working 14 hours to be followed up by driving from South Florida to Northern Indiana. Happy 25th Birthday to me :)